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Founder's story

Mr. Fajun Lee was born in a small village of Zaoqiang County, Hebei Province. In the era of comparatively backward in economy, at an early age, he knew it is hard-earned to get money for all her family, so in the school he has always been studious, hard work. At the age of 20, Mr. Lee was an ordinary pharmacist at the town hospital, doing the daily repetition of the Medicine-related work, at that moment, in his heart there is always a goal to remind him, that is, start a business and create a better life for his mother as soon as possible.

In 1976, by virtue of skilled explanation and self-recommendation, Mr. Lee successfully got a roller processing order from Shenyang Building Materials Machinery Plant, since then, he began his belt conveyor equipment business career, that time, after got the orders, Mr. Lee always commissioned the local township enterprises roller factory to make processing and production. but due to limited production capacity, a lot of orders can not be timely finished, and lead to delivery delays. So, in 1984, Mr. Lee took over another township enterprises flour mill, eliminate the backward flour production equipment, and purchase some grinding and milling equipment to produce roller and other belt conveyor parts by himself, named to Belt machinery plant. In order to further improve production capacity and get rid of the single production mode, he also set up a belt machine technical team, henceforth, the factory not only make the production of belt machine parts, also began to undertake a complete set of belt conveyor equipment and project. In order to study the knowledge of belt conveyor more deeply, Mr. Lee applied for the correspondence course of Mechanical Design Department of South China Institute of Technology, systematically studied a series of principles and technical specifications of mechanical design, and further studied the technology and innovation of belt conveyor. After several years of repeated study and practice, production and installation, operation and maintenance, Mr. Lee almost became not only an experienced belt conveyor engineer, but also lead the workers to accumulate a wealth of management experience in the production process.

In order to conform to the development trend of the market economy, in 1994, with Profound knowledge, Mr. Lee made a new enterprise restructuring and reform once again, and the company changed its name to Hebei Province Zaoqiang County Mining Transportation Machinery Factory. In year 1998, in order to highlight the substantive nature of the enterprise name, he renamed again to Hebei Province Zaoqiang County mining machinery engineering factory.

In 1998, the world financial crisis as a catastrophe, baptized the whole world economy, and in domestic, some of factories closed down, workers unemployed, Zaoqiang County mining machinery engineering factory also can not escape, began to enter the intermittent shutdown period. during that while, the surrounding factory boss even sold their factory, but Mr. Lee definitely believed that the real economy of China's spring will come, "I want to stand our ground." That year's Spring Festival, he went to the bank to do a mortgage and use these money as the salary for the workers , and his pocket has only 2,000 RMB. It is the move to show a man of decency for all the villagers who work in the factory at that time, and they thought their boss are reliable and follow him till now.

China's accession to the WTO in 2001, Commodity economy is developing rapidly, all walks of life ushered in the spring for a long time, that is, from this time on, Mr. Lee 's factory become flying busy, and more and more orders from all parts of the country countless come, with strict Production management, and good guarantee for quality of the factory products, Soon Mr. Lee's factory steadily stood the heel in the belt machine industry stood the heel.

In Good and evil mixed up of market economy, how to better propaganda and protection of their products, Li Fajun began to seek property rights protection, in 2003, Zaoqiang County mining machinery engineering factory changed its name to Hebei Juxin Conveyor Engineering Co., Ltd. He also apply for registration on own Brand "JUXIN", since then, Li Fajun's career has entered a stable development period, he treat "JUXIN" as his children, go step by step, do moral enterprise.

Subsequently, with the opportunity that Made in China to all over the world, in 2006,JUXIN set up international department, the first year we do the export performance of 7 million US dollars, has become a leading enterprises in Zaoqiang County for belt conveyor exporting. Today, Juxin's products have been exported to the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Chile, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, more than 60 countries and regions, with its reliable and stable quality at home and abroad.

However, with the increasing scale of the factory, the production management process began to appear various problems, At that time Mr. Lee make an decisive decision, recruit talent, engage in reform, and establish & implement a modern enterprise management system, in 2013, JUXIN took the lead in the implementation of the " 6S "management, spacious plant, clean workshop, well-regulated interprocess joint, warehousing and logistics seamless docking, to a large extent to protect the smooth progress of the entire production process to solve many problems in the development of bottlenecks period for JUXIN.

The ever-changing technology development, fleeting business opportunities, stagnation will be eliminated by the trend of the development of the times. In order to make a better integration with the world belt conveyor technology, Juxin set up a research and development department together with universities, constantly introduce and absorb the world-class production technology. At present, Juxin can design and produce the products with GB standards, DIN standard, CEMA standard, AS standard and JIS standard according to customers' requirements.

In 2016, Mr. Lee who lead the JUXIN staff through the ups and downs of more than 30 years,  in the eyes of employees, is a leader without shelves, stand by his words, harsh but kind-hearted boss; in the eyes of the local people, he is a joy to people, be grateful of a good man And in his own opinion, he still remembered the beginning of the original business, is to make a better life, so in order to take more and more people to a better life, he is always working hard.