The Perfect Quality

Holistic approach design specialist for
Bulk material conveying

  • 40 years

    40 years Focusing on bulk material
    handling systems manufacturing
  • 60

    True-customer all over the world more than 60
    Countries and Regions
  • 100

    Technical Patent and MA certificate products 100Nos
    products 100Nos
  • 2000

    the Common choice and recognition for more than
    2000 global buyers
  • 500000

    Annual output 500000pcs of rollers
    Double excellent on both Price and Quality


THE RUNNER OF belt conveyor from China to world

From the components to complete systems, we manufacture attentively


Perseverance - 40 years of experience precipitation technology sublimate

40 years of focus on the research and development of the equipment and the leading enterprises of the government.

Our products and projects have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.

China steel international, middle color group, chinalco international and more than a thousand other metallurgical, chemical and industrial and mining enterprises.

  • China machinery industry excellent enterprise
  • The European Union CE certification
  • Chinese credit enterprise 5A certification system model unit
  • Hebei quality honesty 5A brand enterprise


Intensive care -- high quality precision operation

Raw materials procurement to normal manufacturer of high quality conveyor dedicated pipe, plate, etc., fundamentally guarantee the product quality brand nc machine tools, spray paint line for long distances, operators on professional certificate, ensure every procedure, the accuracy of, since bought a dozen create testing laboratory testing equipment, long-term, sustained, strict and efficient, completes the whole process of testing work.

Waterproof, dustproof, rotating resistance, radial beat, flaw detection, axial displacement, life expectancy and more than 10 conventional test items.


Micromanage - focus on the details

From part to whole, from the whole to engineering, pays special attention to every detail, always tracking process, ensure the smooth acceptance of the project according to the American CEMA, Germany DIN, Japan JIS, SABS in South Africa and other international standards for precision custom, from quotation to delivery from shipping to install, from installation to operation, we will keep in close contact with you.


Spare no effort -- the technical support of the pre-sale field research

Perfect sales, progress tracking, after sale seamless, ensure that each step process is smooth, timely and accurate. Overseas projects will be in a state of emergency, and the overseas business units will be able to report to the outside personnel for the first time. The United States, South Africa, Australia and other overseas offices, ensure timely and efficient customer support for all technologies.

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